How to add drop caps?

A drop cap is the first letter of a paragraph that’s of a much bigger size than the rest that follow. The letter formatting is such that the letter “˜drops down’ to cover the few lines following the first one.
To add a drop cap, when editing the text add extra class for text block
Extra classes for dark backgrounds and light text

  • dropcaps_1b
  • dropcaps_2b
  • dropcaps_3b
  • dropcaps_4b
  • dropcaps_5b
  • dropcaps_6b
  • dropcaps_7b
  • dropcaps_8b
  • dropcaps_9b

For light backgrounds and dark text

  • dropcaps_1
  • dropcaps_2
  • dropcaps_3
  • dropcaps_4
  • dropcaps_5
  • dropcaps_6
  • dropcaps_7
  • dropcaps_8
  • dropcaps_9