3. Demo Content Import

This step is optional, you’ll learn how to import the whole dummy content from our demo to be able to customize it. If you want to create your own content and don’t import anything just jump to the next section.

Theme comes with a one-click demo importer module. To import one of our demo sites, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Dashboard.
  2. Go into Theme OptionsDemo Importer.
  3. Click on the “Import Demo” button and wait for the import process to finish. Wait 20-30 minutes.
Also you can use standard WordPress Importer:
Importing Theme Options Sample Data

Go to Dashboard → Theme Options → Import/Export and import data from themeoptions.json (Demo Content folder).

Importing Demo Content

This theme comes with our dummy/demo content (xml files in Demo Content folder) which cam be imported directly on your website to achieve the same look as our demo. To import the our content go to your WordPress admin page dashboard, and select Dashboard → Tools → Import and then choose WordPress option.

The Mega Menu options can’t be imported due to technical limitations, so the menus will be simple drop-downs for now, we’ll configure the menus later.


If you want import the sliders you must ensure you have Revolution Slider installed. After that, go to Dashboard → Revolution Slider and click in Import Slider — select the sliders .zips that are located in your downloaded folder — Demo Content/Sliders.

This way you’ll be able to get the sliders used in demonstration.


If you want import the icons you must ensure you have Ultimate Addons. You can find our icons in folder ‘Demo Content/icons.zip’.

How to Import icons


If you’re using WooCommerce, you must set the pages that will be the Shop, Cart and others.

Go to Dashboard → WooCommerce → Settings. Open the tab Products and in the fields of “Product Listings” you’ll select the pages we already imported. See the list below:

  • Product Archive / Shop Page = Shop, Save Changes.
  • Then, click in Checkout tab and in the fields of “Checkout Pages” set the following pages: Cart Page = CartCheckout Page = Checkout. Save Changes.

That’s all! Your shop is already configured and ready to use.

This is all you must do to import the content. You can import different widgets and options how many times you wish, just remember that the old options will be overwritten in the process.